Whether you're looking to build a structural steel shed or you just need your steel-work repaired, we can create any and all structural steel shop drawings that you require - right here, right now.

By working with DJ's Fabricating and Repairs for your structural steel project, you can be assured that our ability to draw structural steel shop drawings in-house will ensure no time is wasted, and that cuts costs for you.

We use the award-winning program, Tekla 3D CAD Building Industry Modelling (BIM), to draw all of our shop drawings. This professional tool is proven to be extremely effective in the steel fabrication process and is used by global leading construction companies.

By drawing all shop drawings with Tekla 3D CAD BIM, we are able to effectively optimise the entire fabrication process, while avoiding errors in detailing with ease. Sounds pretty good, right?

Contact DJ's Fabricating and Repairs today if you're interested in a steel fabricator that can do it all.

Examples of our previous shop drawings created by DJ's Fabricating and Repairs:

Pelican House (both the shop drawing and the building's outcome):