The main guys behind Cairns builders Brennan Constructions and structural steel fabricators DJ’s Fabricating and Repairs, Wayne and Dave, are constantly updating their skills and knowledge so they can bring you effective and innovative processes to use in your projects. These Cairns builders offer the most efficient methods and solutions for the jobs we do, so you know you will save time and money when choosing us.

These innovative ideas are demonstrated when we build a residential or commercial building. The weather in Cairns is often wet and muggy, which can stop other builders from completing a job for weeks. But, at Brennan Constructions and DJ’s Fabricating and Repairs, we install the roof of a building before the walls even go up! This way, the damp weather doesn’t stop us or other sub-contractors from doing the inside work. Less time on the job means more money in your pocket!

Smart, right?

What else can we offer? Contact Brennan Constructions and DJ’s Fabricating and Repairs to find out.