New Home in Silkwood Ridge

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The Cairns new home builders at Brennan Constructions are the guys to choose when you want to build your next home. We have over 34 years of experience in the building industry and Wayne has supervised the development and construction of over 200 homes.

So, it’s no wonder this couple trusted the construction of their home to these local Cairns blokes, Dave and Wayne. They were after a simple four-bedroom house, with spacious rooms and modern fittings, and that’s exactly what they received. The raking ceilings enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building, while making the inside feel spacious and light. The team at Brennan Constructions can create a similar Cairns new home for you, or you can work with us to design your home – exactly the way you want it.

The finished product:

Cairns new home

Take a look at the ← slideshow on the left to view the progress of this job from start to completion.

If you have a similar job and want Cairns new home builders that know what they’re doing…
Brennan Constructions

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